School Project
Roshan Fernando & Edward Chen
8 weeks
Polished Figma prototype and case study
UX Design, Testing & Research
While we all shared design responosibilies, I was tasked mainly with the design portion of the project: paper prototpying, wireframes, as well as hi-fi prototyping. Roshan and Edward also focussed on designing the paper prototypes and hi-fi prototypes as well as handling the extensive user researching, user testing as well as documentation.

Project Objective

In designing a new feature for LinkedIn, we hope to help people rekindle old connections, strengthen existing connections, and discover new connections.

target Users

Professional Conferences
Career Fairs
Networking Events

Main Goals

  • Check-In

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  • Who do you know? Who shood you meet?

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  • Setup in-person meetings/interviews

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Faby Zuniga

University Recruiter, Micorsoft

attends several conferences per year as a recruiter representing Microsoft

Microsoft recruiters have trouble knowing who is verified as attending a conference prior to start. Recruiters source people before a conference so they can do on-sites at the conference. Last conference attended was for NSBE.

Jennifer Zheng

Software Engineer, LinkedIn

attends several conferences per year, both to represent LinkedIn and to learn more about the technology industry community

Very familiar with LinkedIn’s functionality. Finds out who’s attending conferences through word of mouth and news feeds. Values serendipitous meetings and organic relationship development at conferences.

Research Questions

  • Understand how people sustain relationships with LinkedIn connections
  • Discover how people interact with previous and new connections at conferences
  • Understand how recruiters utilize LinkedIn before and during conferences

Research Findings

  • 89%

    of LinkedIn users connect with different people on LinkedIn than they connect with on other social media

  • 90%

    of conference attendees don’t know which of their LinkedIn connections will also be there

  • 33%

    of conference attendees focus more than half of their time on re-connecting with previous friends/connections

Core Pain Point #1

Conference and event attendees don’t know which of their connections are attending.

Core Pain Point #2

Company recruiters struggle to source conference attendees, and verify them as attending.

Recruiter Flow

View Events: displays a list of events happening around you.

View Event: shows the description and details of a specific event.

View Attendees: shows a list of attendees for the event with some cursory information about them.

View Groups: shows groups already made inside the event you are organizing.

Attendee Flow

Overview: Overview lets recruiters enter all the basic details about the event such as name, photos, date, venue, etc.

Stats: tells recruiters about the demographics and statistics of their attendees.

Attendees: lets recruiters see an exhaustive list of all the attendees and also lets them filter by class level, and major.

Forum: lets attendees post questions and queries they have about the event, and fellow attendees can respond to the same.

The Two Flows

The Recruiter Flow focuses more on groups that the person or recruiter can create, and the flow from viewing a conference or event to creating a group. The Attendee Flow focuses more on event demographics and connecting with individual attendees. Our goal is to establish which features our target audience finds most useful, and which design they understand the best.

Our Choice

We will move forwards with Recruiter Flow because users found it simple and clear. The ability to create groups is key to having LinkedIn users interact with those groups in person, so we have decided to take into considerations that users enjoyed the Groups feature of the flow.

Hi-Fi Prototype