The ’Zine
8 weeks
CMS-backed, redesigned website
Content Restructure, Web Design & Development
The ’Zine is an online magazine started and run by Meghna Gulati, that seeks to provide a platform for the stories and thoughts of the Indian youth. I was responsible with designing and developing the initial version of the site, back in 2013. Two years after the initial launch, I was contacted again for a redesign.

Project Objective

My job was mainly to do 3 things: revamping the whole content structure of the magazine, crafting a new visual aesthetic, and coding the whole site with a CMS-backed infrastructure. So yeah, I was pretty much turning the whole magazine over on its head.

Main Goals

Restructure Content
Revamp Design
Implement CMS

Main Goals

  • Re-Structure Content

    Move from a column based format, to an article based format

  • Revamp Design

    Previous site didn't give an editorial aesthetic

  • Implement CMS

    Updating and editing without a CMS is an obvious pain


Old Site: The look of the old site made it look more like a marketing site, and not a publication—for which the site should be as content-centric as possible.

New Site: Content-centric Design: Rather than self-advertisement and calls-to-action being in the focus, it was a dire need for the website to accurately depict what was at its heart: the articles and the content.

Article Structure

Tags: I Introduced categories to mark the articles into the six streams of content the magazine published.

Backend Content Management

Old Hardcoded Backend: The lack of a content management system of course made the issue update season ever harder. The backend was based on Liquid-based template system that ran on Mixture—which ran without a client-accessible editor.

Siteleaf CMS: From a partially hard-coded codebase, I moved the content and code to a automated content-management system. Instead of involving me in the update process, editors and writers could publish articles themselves easily. The back-end is now based on Jekyll (for increased portability and hosting-ease) and the build system was moved from (the deprecated) liquid-based Mixture to Grunt .